Under The Lamp Post – Chapter 5

Jun 09, 2015 | Post by: diana 2 Comments

Everyone turns and looks up the street when we hear Duchess’ human call out. April runs down her porch steps, out into the middle of the street. She is fully dressed, her purse on her shoulder and keys dangling from her front pocket. Her high heel sandals clack on the pavement. Diana rushes up the sidewalk to meet her.

April, it’s Duchess. She’s been attacked. She has to get to the emergency vet.

Through tears, Diana tells her what happened.

My Duchess? No, not my Duchess! I was in bed, asleep. I heard the noises. How could this happen? I thought she was inside.

I knew this wasn’t exactly the truth. Duchess is never inside after dark on nice evenings. Never. She silently roams the neighborhood, diligently keeping watch for us all. April sweeps Duchess out of Diana’s arms, turns and rushes to her car parked in her driveway. Just that fast, they were off to the emergency vet.

Everyone starts slowly returning to their homes, heads bent together while talking in hushed tones. I was on my best behavior and didn’t jump on anyone or bark. I know how serious the situation is. Plus, I have my own thoughts and what I’ve seen in the bushes to worry about.

Diana says her final goodnights to the neighbors and climbs the steps to our front door. I trot alongside, deep in thought.

I spy Oliver sliding down the side of the porch railing. During all the commotion, Oliver slid as fast as he could from the roof line to my eye level. He wags his left eye tentacle at me. This is his signal to meet up in my backyard after Diana goes to work in the morning. I touch his shell with my nose in answer and continue into the house.

Locking the door tightly behind me, Diana turns off the front porch lights as we head inside to clean up then back to bed.

Sitting on the cool bathroom floor, I impatiently put up with Diana scrubbing my fur, checking for injuries and washing away the blood and twigs matted in my fur.

My thoughts are far away, with Duchess. But something else keeps nagging at me. Something seems out of place. Pushing away obsessive thoughts of my beloved cheese, I snort and wonder why April was fully dressed even though she claims she was in bed.


Based on what you just learned in today’s post, the Pals would like you to:

  1. Think about and share all the different places we find eyes on animals.  If you want, draw a picture of two places you have seen eyes on a Pal.

Leave us your thoughts and answers to this question in the comment section below. We promise to read every single comment and will even answer some.

Paw & Wing & Tread Hugs


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