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Road Trip for Ryan



Ryan has a big family. He loves his whole family and they love him. His Mom and Dad live nearby on Peachtree Boulevard. Ryan wants to visit them for Thanksgiving. He is working really hard to make a walnut pie for dessert.

There is just one problem. Ryan is scared to travel from Cherrywood Lane to Peachtree Boulevard. All the Pals get worried when they know he is traveling to visit his family. Why?

Peachtree Boulevard is a big street – much bigger than Cherrywood Lane. Big streets are dangerous. They are filled with fast driving cars. There is a lot of noise and he gets confused. The roadway is 5 lanes wide. This means he has to run longer than from Duchess’s house to Sasha’s house without stopping.

The other night, Sasha saw a TV show about a small town that built a solution for squirrels crossing dangerous streets. The humans built a squirrel bridge overa big street!

Sasha promises to visit and learn all she can to help Ryan and his family so they can visit each other safely. Read about Nutty Narrows right here on the Roadside America website.

Nutty Narrows Squirrel Bridge

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Under The Lamp Post – Chapter 13

I woke up early, rushed through a routine, morning yoga session and trotted downstairs to check on the party preparations. Patio chairs fluffed? Check Pretty flowers watered? Check BBQ grill ready? Check Diana zoomed round the kitchen making burger patties and potato salad. I walked right into the middle of the kitchen and test drove […]

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Learn About Us – Hummingbirds on a Heating Pad

Hello! Today we would like to share an amazing video we found on YouTube, filmed by “BlueSkeye” a few years ago. Please enjoy and consider helping animals where you can to make their lives easier. On behalf of Leola and all her hummingbird family, the Pals on Cherry Wood Lane say thank you very much for […]

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The One and Only – Ryan Squirrel

All the Pals that live on Cherry Wood Lane really exist.  Today, we share a picture of Ryan hanging out. We think he is brilliant and beautiful and hilarious and loyal. You can see all his best qualities shining through in his picture. Plus, he has a cute round belly. Based on today’s post, the […]

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Under The Lamp Post – Chapter 12

Out and about on my evening walk with Diana, I was busy minding everyone’s business, keeping a watchful eye on stuff. We stopped in front of Duchess’ house so our humans could talk  about the neighborhood BBQ party tomorrow. I wagged my tail and nodded at Duchess. We quietly stood side by side in the grass along […]

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Under The Lamp Post – Chapter 11

Barking my head off, I dug in my paws and resisted as Diana dragged me into the house and slammed the front door. No, Sasha. You’ve barked at enough invisible dangers today. What! Who is she kidding? Invisible? Not this time. Danger locked eyes with me and made itself known only 20 feet away from […]

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Under The Lamp Post – Chapter 10

On Cherry Wood Lane, good news spreads even faster than bad. Before the garage door to Duchess’ house slid shut, Leola and Ryan were rushing as fast as their wings and paws could go down the streets sharing the news flash with every Pal. Duchess is home! Duchess is home!  Reaching my house, Leola swooped […]

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Under the Lamp Post – Chapter 9

Diana and I made our way to the park so I could work off some of my energy before bed. I distractedly sniffed my way down the sidewalk as we headed to the park in the very center of our neighborhood. My thoughts were heavy and important. Once there, Diana took a seat on a […]

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Under The Lamp Post – Chapter 8

An uncomfortable silence quieted every pal’s breathing. There was nothing left to say. None of my friends could look at me. I couldn’t look back at any of my friends. Forbi’s betrayal confused them and hurt me deeply – but it didn’t really surprise me. I flattened my ears against my head and with a trembling voice […]

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Busy Busy Busy

Coming Soon Chapter 8 – Forbi Fallout If you want an awesome set of stickers, let us know.  Sasha can set you up and you can have them in paw in no time.

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