Road Trip for Ryan

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Ryan has a big family. He loves his whole family and they love him. His Mom and Dad live nearby on Peachtree Boulevard. Ryan wants to visit them for Thanksgiving. He is working really hard to make a walnut pie for dessert.

There is just one problem. Ryan is scared to travel from Cherrywood Lane to Peachtree Boulevard. All the Pals get worried when they know he is traveling to visit his family. Why?

Peachtree Boulevard is a big street – much bigger than Cherrywood Lane. Big streets are dangerous. They are filled with fast driving cars. There is a lot of noise and he gets confused. The roadway is 5 lanes wide. This means he has to run longer than from Duchess’s house to Sasha’s house without stopping.

The other night, Sasha saw a TV show about a small town that built a solution for squirrels crossing dangerous streets. The humans built a squirrel bridge overa big street!

Sasha promises to visit and learn all she can to help Ryan and his family so they can visit each other safely. Read about Nutty Narrows right here on the Roadside America website.

Nutty Narrows Squirrel Bridge

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