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I am the creator of the Cherry Wood Lane Pals children’s book series, featuring Sasha and her gang of animal pals on their adventures to keep their neighborhood safe. I am a successful blogger/writer, entrepreneur, and expert social media content manager. I launched the popular blog PishPoshSays.com to highlight my rescue dog Sasha’s (aka Miss PishPosh) recovery from abuse and debilitating devocalization surgeries. I also established Four Paws Coaching to offer support & solutions for coping with the loss of a companion animal through the process I developed called “Loving Forward.” I am a practiced and knowledgeable contributor on social media, known for my positive outlook, as well as my dedication to highlighting and eliminating devocalization of dogs.




My name is Miss Sasha PishPosh. All my pals call me Sasha. I am a Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher mix. As a puppy, I was forced to live all alone in a tiny, dark box. I never got to play or learn how to do special dog stuff. During Christmas season one year, I was thrown away. But I got lucky! I was rescued on Valentine’s Day.

I now live happily on Cherry Wood Lane. Strange and sometimes scary things are always happening in my neighborhood. I tried to be brave and figure out what was going on all by myself. I couldn’t do it alone. I decided to learn how to be a good and loyal friend with the animals that already lived in my neighborhood.

I now have a wonderful pack of pals that help me bravely solve the neighborhood mysteries. My pals are teaching me everything they know. I am so excited to share what I am learning with you.

I would love for you to join us and help me learn how the world works and how to be a good dog. Help us on our adventures as we solve mysteries and do our best to keep the neighborhood safe for us all.



Hello, there. My name is Duchess. I’m a cat with huge golden eyes and shaggy black fur. I’ve lived in the yellow house on the corner of Cherry Wood Lane for a few lives now.

Cherry Wood Lane is very special place. All of the animal pals take care of each other and do our best to keep each other safe. I sit in my chair on the corner of my porch and watch all the coming and goings. I am very busy.

Ryan is correct when he said I am the leader here. I’m sort of like the sheriff in a small town or the principal of your school. I make sure every pal knows they are important, help them stay out of trouble and make sure that if our simple rules accidently get broken I help them figure out how to fix things.

Sometimes, for many reasons, dogs and cats and squirrels and other pals are raised not to be friendly with each other. I don’t understand this outdated way of living. Each of us needs friends and to know they belong in a big happy pack – no matter if they happen to have paws, hooves, wings, fins, feet or a single tread.

Stop by and visit with me on my porch any time. I usually sit in my chair in the early mornings and again in the late evenings. I would love to meow with you – especially if you give a good ear scratching.



I’m going to make this fast. My name is Leola. I’m a three year old Anna’s Hummingbird girl. That makes me ancient in hummingbird days. No, don’t be sad for me. Hummingbirds pack a lot of living into our short lives. I have a wonderful life here on Cherry Wood Lane. There are so many trees for me to rest on safely and lots of beautiful red flowers, filled with nectar all summer long, in Sasha’s front yard.

I love Sasha. From the day I was born, her big ears and beautiful eyes fascinated me. She is my best non-winged friend. But, she is scared of me. I don’t mean to scare her when I zoom up close and fly backwards telling her all the news I know as fast as I can. I stare at her to get her to focus and she is uncomfortable with me doing that. She said it’s something about staring being rude in dog language. Sheesh… I just need her to know about what I’ve seen from high up in our world.

Could you tell her I’m sorry to scare her? I mean no harm. I’m just super intense. Thanks. I‘m off. See you again soon.



Howdy, my name is Oliver. I’m a snail. I live on Cherry Wood Lane too. I’m about 3 years old now – give or take a few days and nights. That’s old for a snail, you know. Do you like my new shell? I just traded my old one – it was too small – for a bigger one – with Jeff over on Peachtree Street.

As you can see, I’m actually kind of small. I’m only about the size of a quarter. Because I’m so small, distances don’t really make any sense to me. Plus, I need these super thick glasses to help me see the end of my tread foot. My tread foot is actually my belly. That’s why we are called Gastropoda – belly foot animals. Hmmm, makes sense to me.

I see a lot of things in this neighborhood and nobody sees me. When I try to explain things, my pals use some math and physics stuff and figure out if I was heading up or heading down so my descriptions make sense. Pretty cool, huh?

Don’t be afraid to stop by and say “Howdy” if you see me on the side of Sasha’s house, in the middle of the sidewalk or on a fencepost. I’ll answer you but my voice is even smaller than I am so you probably won’t hear me asking how your day is going. No worries, though. We are all friends here on Cherry Wood Lane.



My name is Ryan. I’m a squirrel, but I guess you already knew that. Would you like a nut? I have an extra one right here. Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to drop it on the ground. My left paw doesn’t always work all that well after I fell out of my big cedar tree over there during a wind storm. Should have hung on better, I guess.

Now, where was I? Oh, right. So, what do you say? You still want that nut? If not, that’s ok. I’ll take it back and put it with all the others I have.

Living on Cherry Wood Lane is Awesome! A-W-E-S-O-M-E spells “Best Neighborhood in the Whole World.”

There is always something going on around here. There are so many pals to snoop on and hang out with. Have you met Duchess and Forbi yet? They love playing “Run Across the Fence and Try to Catch Ryan” with me. Never played that game? It’s kind of like Rover-Red Rover. So much fun. Keeps me sharp and focused.

Everyone says I have the eyesight of a bat and the hearing of a fish. No, that can’t be right. I’m sure they meant I have the eyesight of a hawk and the hearing of a – you know – what is the name of those birds that turn their heads around and around? Owls, you say? Yes, them. I have super-duper owl hearing.

Anyway, you sure you don’t want this nut? It’s a good one – big and fresh. If you say no I’ll keep it safe in my tree and I can have it later when you are hungry.

Bye. Chitter with you again soon.



Oh, hello. Who are you?

My name is Forbi. I am the most handsome male cat I know. I’m part Siamese and part Domestic Short Hair. I have a very fancy ringed tail.

I live in the big green house on the other side of Cherry Wood Lane. The park on that side of the Lane is mine. I decided it was mine. You have to ask permission from me to play there.

I’m the most loved of everyone that lives on the Lane. I’m also the smartest. I am – not Sasha – not Duchess – not any of the little humans. Everyone loves me.

I was the special one until Sasha moved here. Do you know when she is going back where she came from? Duchess says I’m being rude when I ask Sasha. I’m not rude. I just think Sasha is not welcome here and I just want to know when she is going to leave. It would be good for me if Sasha lived somewhere else. Oh, I mean, it would be good for the neighborhood if Sasha lived somewhere else.

Oh, Ok, anyway. Did I tell you I love gifts? Stop by and give my humans some organic cat nip for me. It will make you happy to make me happy.

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