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May 22, 2015 | Post by: diana No Comments

forbiMy name is Forbi. I get to share the last introduction today because I am the most important of all the Pals.  What? It’s true.  I am.  Ryan says I’m self-ish.  I think that means everyone is interested in all the important things I have to say.

I am the most handsome male cat I know. I’m part Siamese and part Domestic Short Hair. I have magnificent blue eyes and a very fancy ringed tail.

I live in the big green house on the other side of Cherry Wood Lane. The park on that side of the Lane is mine. I decided it was mine. You have to ask permission from me to play there.

I’m the most loved of every Pal that lives on the Lane. Everyone loves me. I’m also the smartest. I am. Not Sasha. Not Duchess. Definitely not any little human I’ve ever met.

Every night after dinner Sasha wanders around the neighborhood chatting with humans and acting all important and stuff.  She even has the nerve to bark at me every time she sees me.  She says’s she is just saying “Hi.” Really?  Sounds like she is yelling at me.  Doesn’t she know who I am?

I was the special one until Sasha moved here. Duchess says I’m being rude when I ask Sasha when she is going back where she came from. I’m not rude. I just think Sasha is too pushy and noisy.  She is not welcome here and I just want to know when she is going to leave. It would be good for me if Sasha lived somewhere else. Oh, I mean, it would be good for the neighborhood if Sasha lived somewhere else.

Did I tell you I love gifts? Stop by and give my humans some organic cat nip for me. It will make you happy to make me happy.

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