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Apr 24, 2015 | Post by: diana 2 Comments


I am Miss Sasha PishPosh. Call me Sasha – all my Pals do. I am a Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher mix. As a puppy, I was forced to live all alone in a tiny, dark box. I never got to go out and play or learn how to do special dog stuff. During Christmas season one year, I was thrown away. But I got lucky! I was rescued on Valentine’s Day.

I now live and bark happily on Cherry Wood Lane. I noticed that strange and sometimes scary things are always happening in my neighborhood. I tried to be brave and figure out what was going on all by myself. I couldn’t do it alone. I decided to learn how to be a good and loyal Pal with the animals that already lived in my neighborhood.

I now have a wonderful pack of Pals that help me bravely solve the neighborhood mysteries. My Pals are teaching me everything they know. I am so excited to share what I am learning with you.

Oh, wow!  I can tell you already know lots of important stuff. Why don’t you join us?  I would love for you to help me learn how the world works and how to be a good dog. Come along and help us on our adventures as we solve mysteries and do our best to keep the neighborhood safe for us all.

P.S. My favorite toy is a stuffed fish and my favorite treat is cheese.  I  L O V E cheese! What is your favorite treat?


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