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DuchessGood Duchess Morning and Hello. My name is Duchess. I’m a cat with huge golden eyes and shaggy black fur. I’ve lived in the yellow house on the corner of Cherry Wood Lane for a few lives now.

As you can see, Cherry Wood Lane is very special place. All of the animal pals take care of each other. We do our best to keep each other safe.

I sit in my chair on the corner of my porch and watch all the coming and goings. I am very busy. I make sure every pal knows they are important, help them stay out of trouble and make sure that if our simple rules accidently get broken I help them figure out how to fix things.

It has been said that I am the leader here. I’m sort of like the sheriff in a small town or the principal of your school.

Sometimes, for many reasons, dogs and cats and squirrels and other pals were raised to not be good pals for each other. I don’t understand this outdated way of living. Each of us needs friends and to know they belong in a big happy pack – no matter if they happen to have paws, hooves, wings, fins, feet or a single tread.

Thanks for letting me tell you a bit about me.  Please stop by and visit with me on my porch any time. I usually sit in my chair in the early mornings and again in the late evenings. I would love to meow with you – especially if you give a good ear scratching.

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